Sunday, May 22, 2011

The BBQ Pagoda

It took five tries to get this thing put up the right way....we kept putting the legs on wrong, or attaching it wrong....Benny does not read Chinese pictures very well...LOL...the top had to be redone twice. It is finally up....I have since put blocks all under it, the BBQ is in place, plus the Ozark cooker and another grill we had welded for us is all under there...will take some more pictures later to bring it up to date.

BBQ Pagoda

We live on the patio....finally got my old wooden table (made from old barn wood) moved down there and my chairs. We eat outdoors almost every to listen to my music, listen to K D Lang, and sip my coffee...
Patio table

The second house is still slowly being worked on....have tile being put down in the small room off the kitchen, plus a crew will come in soon and put on a new roof. It is hard getting all the finances together to get each job done as I do not believe in going into debt, so slow is the name of the game. The old tin will be pulled off, new wood and new tin will be put on, and I will have the old tin cut in half and put on as underpinning. Then will have that painted. I still have to have the elecric pole put in, but we can get electricity from the connection at the well which is by the side of the house.

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  1. I love the pagoda but the porch is my favorite. I'd much rather sit outside during the nice months than be inside. I'm impressed with the way you're redoing the houses and paying as you go. So many people today will never be debt free in their lifetime. That's a great way to recycle the tin from the house by using it as underpinning. We used the metal from an old store awning to underpin our little mobile home when we lived in the mountains. It worked great.