Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Time Goes So Slowly


It is like waiting in a Hospital....wait, have a conference, wait some more. We are still waiting for one more bid on the cement slab for the patio at the Western House. We have made some progress. The front of the house now has cactus planted in front of it, and Saturday, we hauled in a load of shredded compost to put around them. We have planted a blackberry patch along the fence, and it has been composted. They are thornless blackberries, Apache Variety. They are doing quite well.
We finally had the sewer tap put in this week at the Second House.
There was a very large chunk of rock as they finished up....we don't know what will lie ahead, we have all the pipe bought and ready to go, now to get the pipeline dug out...that is still ahead of us.Photobucket
Of course, Hombre the Longhorn oversees every project...LOL....he is so nosy. He watches every move. He is so beautiful and continues to grow his horns out.
Maybe more can be done next month....we just have to wait and see. I am anxious to see the house redone and a happy family living in it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Slowly It Comes Together......

Time seems to be standing still.....I thought the patio would be done by now, but we continue to wait for the work to begin....Soil was brought in and they packed it up to give a good run off for the rain. We are also watering it down, as when they do the foundation and pour the cement, it will be ready. The patio will go all the way across the back....

I finally got my Star put up on the house...that took three months...either too cold and freezing, then we could not get it loose from the fence, but finally.....it is where it belongs...and the cactus have been planted ......


I know spring is finally here...my plum tree is bursting with blossoms...


and the flowers are blooming...Photobucket

I have to learn to have patience. It is hard to do....we have not begun to work on the second house either...after we moved it in, to where we were told the sewer and water lines would run, they now say they are unsure which direction they are in...I am just bewildered by them....who is the keep of the city maps ? Seems NO ONE !!